Bulgaria – in the top 10 wine destinations worldwide

Bulgaria is included in the 10 best tourist destinations in the world, in the first edition of this year of one of the two most prestigious American magazines about wine and gourmet culture – “Wine Enthusiast”.

It ranks second among countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Argentina and others.

The authors of the magazine offer to their readers classic wine tours in Provence or London, to wild and dramatic wine adventures in Sicily or Bulgaria.

The journalists, Jeff Johnson and Mike Simone present wines from Thracian Valley, writing that winemakers create excellent drinks from local varieties. Mavrud is one of the leading varieties of red grapes. It produces impressive wine with tannin flavor that can stand alone or be mixed with international grape varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot or Syrah.

In Bulgaria, you can also try the Rubin wine, which was established in the Balkan country. White wines are produced from varieties Muscat and Dimiat. They can be fresh flavor or style reminiscent aged in oak barrels for old wines. The prestigious American magazine is focused at the local wineries, which not only produce excellent wines, but also offer excellent conditions for tasting and feature elegant rooms, gourmet restaurants and luxury guesthouses.

The authors also reveal some of the sights of Plovdiv city as a center of wine production and the largest annual wine forum. In 2016, the city hosted the world wine festival- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Last year, the publishers of “Wine Еnthusiast” visited Bulgarian vineyards and wineries and got acquainted with the cultural heritage of the country at the invitation of the National Wine Chamber.

The visit was part of the realization of promoting Bulgarian wines in countries like USA, Canada, China. The initiative has sparked great interest. According to the publisher of “Wine Enthusiast”, the exceptional quality of Bulgarian wines and hospitality of the local people will contribute greatly to the successful development of wine tourism in Bulgaria.

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