Cheapest Places in Europe to Live Revealed

If you’re looking to buy a property abroad, or more specifically in Europe, then we have some useful information for you. A recent report published by the Post Office has revealed the top three cheapest places in Europe to live in, based on the value of a basket containing 10 everyday essentials. Leading the way are popular destinations Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain, as UK citizens continuously seek their dream home in the sun without breaking the bank.

When looking to purchase overseas, cost will undoubtedly be the main factor behind any decision that you make. However, not only do you need to consider the outright cost of the property that you’re purchasing (along with ongoing maintenance costs etc.), but you also need to consider your long-term expenditure in order to plan your budget accordingly, whether you’re retired, starting a new family or just purchasing a holiday home. This includes everything from your lunch to evening meals, drinks to sunscreen and even less thought of items such as insect repellent and toiletries.

Based on these amenities, here are the top three locations across Europe which are offering the best value to overseas property buyers:

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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Bulgaria’s popular Sunny Beach resort on its Black Sea Coast has become somewhat of a property hotspot in recent years, which has witnessed a 10% decrease in costs for everyday goods. Situated within intriguing sand dunes, ancient ruins and hosting a bustling environment, apartments in this region are being priced as low as £12,000, as Bulgaria continues to define itself as one of Europe’s most up and coming locations for overseas property buyers.