Foreigners from the Middle East are massively buying properties in Burgas region

Israeli and Lebanese citizens are buying properties on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, mainly in Burgas and Varna regions.

Foreigners from the Middle East constantly make inquiries to developers and looking for big apartments and shops. They prefer new buildings, close to the sea.

According to the real estate agents, the clients coming from the Middle East, do not save their money and try to buy properties as close to the beach as possible.

They are attracted by the low prices of real estates in Bulgaria. “Burgas for them is a paradise.

They love our sea and the long sandy beaches. Moreover, life in general for them is very cheap here. “- says a developer who have already concluded his first deals with Lebanese and Kuwait citizens.

The gambling halls, cheap alcohol and women also attract many people from the Middle East. And last but not least, the buyers from Israel do not have to prove the origin of their money. “Even at the end of last year we had an inquiry from Israelis. Their interest is very large. “- says the developer Vasil Karidikov.

Apart from Burgas, Israelis also look for holiday homes on the southern coast, especially in Sinemorets and Lozenets.

It is well known that Bulgaria now is a leader in the ranking of most visited destination for Israeli citizens.

They prefer our country instead of Turkey and USA. Cheap luxury hotels, varied food, spa treatments, mineral water, beaches attract potential buyers from Lebanon, Kuwait and Israel.

Recently British and Irish also show bigger interest in the Bulgarian property market. According to a big real estate agency, located on the Bulgarian seaside, citizens from Lebanon, United Arab Emirates are interested in homes near Bourgas.

But unlike the Israelis who want apartments for living, Kuwaitis and Lebanese are looking for properties in order to use them for their summer vacation. “Bulgarians are also interested in holiday properties”- says the developer- Vasil Karidikov.

They pay for holiday apartments approximately 25000-30000 euros.

The Russians also do not yet have refused to put their money in Bulgarian property market, and they also prefer houses or apartments in Burgas region near the sea.

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