Increased demand for vacation properties and holiday beach apartments in 2017

According to a leading consultancy agency in Bulgaria, interest in holiday properties along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is growing rapidly. Transactions made are not only by Bulgarian and European buyers, but also investors from the Middle East-Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and others.

The activity is concentrated in ski and seaside resorts where prices are already starting to go up against the background of increased activity. Due to favorable prices some buyers who are looking for properties in Sofia and other big cities are tempted to buy holiday apartments near the beach. So in 2017 it is expected the largest number of sales that will take place on the Black Sea coast.

More than half of the vacation properties deals already concluded with Bulgarian buyers. However, they began to attract more and more wide range of buyers from around the world. More and more difficult to define what is the nationality of the prevailing foreign buyers because the picture is very colorful and is amended every month. The constant, however, is that interest in holiday properties in Bulgaria is growing with big jumps.

The British are still the largest group of foreign buyers in the ski resorts, but the on the sea coast, it can not be defined. It is noteworthy that this year has increased interest of buyers from neighboring countries and countries of the former Soviet Union such as Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic, Greece, Macedonia, Ukraine, Moldova, along with buyers from countries of the European Union (EU) also US and Canada. Perhaps these trends are directly related to the increased number of tourists who visited Bulgarian sea resorts last summer- over 5 000 000 people from all over the world.

Expectations of brokers are that holiday homes deals on the Black Sea to further boost with the launch of the summer tourist season in 2017. According to the forecast will likely be reached peak season for the last 10 years in terms of sales volume and attractiveness of real estate in the seaside resorts. The preferences of buyers are shifting from studios to one and two bedroom apartments.

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