Regulated plot for sale located in the village of Trunkovo,

Yambol region


The cheapest building land plot on the market is coming from VIP Bulgarian Properties!

We are offering you a regulated plot for sale, located in the village of Trunkovo, just 3 km away from the well-known town of Elhovo and 100 km away from the coastal city of Burgas and the sandy beaches.

The land is facing an asphalt road, with a total size of 1100 m2. The good thing here is that if you decide to build a house, there will be no need of planning permissions because on the title deeds it’s written that there is an existing house already. So, all you have to do is just build a new house on the same spot where the old one has been.

The village of Trunkovo is not very big but you will find two shops, a pub, a post office and regular bus transportation to the town of Elhovo.

Property Overview


€ 2,500

TypeDevelopment land
Sold No
Total area1100 m²