The world’s largest skiing production is in the Bulgarian town of Chepelare

Bulgarian town of Chepelare is offering the largest skiing production in the world. The local factory in this mountainous town is delivering two of the most famous brands in different ski alpine disciplines to the international markets. The manufacturing facility is also a leading employer in the region. Until now, there are 33 million euro invested in this factory. It provides livelihood to over 10% of the working population from the whole region.

Slavka Chakurova, Mayor of Chepelare says: “Surely this facility is the largest employer not only for Chepelare, but also for the region. Last year, the number of workers varied between 500 and 600 depending on the workload. Skiing manufacturing is seasonal. The period of producement is from April to October. ”

The factory in Chepelare has got over 30 years of history. In 2008-a year it has been acquired by a Finnish corporation. The skiing manufacturing from this factory is occupying 24% of world production.

Last year the factory in Chepelare has produced over 615,000 pairs of skis which have been exported.

Alexander is having a family vcation in Chepelare. As an avid skier, he has already visited the local factory. He says: “However, it is some pride. Well-known brands of skis are made here. The only thing I found wrong is that I can not buy skiing equipment directly from here. They should be first exported and then you can buy them. ”

Tourism and wood processing are the other major industries that give life to the economy of Chepelare.

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