Agricultural Land Prices in Bulgaria rise 14.6% in 2017

The average price per one decare of agricultural land in Bulgaria rose by 14.6% year-on-year to 872 BGN ($543.6/445.8 euro) in 2017, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said on Tuesday.

The price of arable land rose 13.0% to 870 BGN per dca in 2017, while the price of permanent grassland fell 3.4% to 262 BGN per dca, NSI said in a statement. The highest price of agricultural land was in Bulgaria’s northeast region – 1,401 BGN per dca.

Agricultural land prices rose the most, by 83.4%, in the southwest region, but still remained the lowest in the country – 406 BGN per dca. The average rent price per one dca of leased agricultural land rose by an annual 4.5% to 46 BGN in 2017. Rent prices of arable land increased 6.8% to 47 levs, while rents of permanent grassland grew 6.7% to 16 BGN.

Source: See News