Bulgaria – a second home for the German retirees

Gerlinde Weiss (name changed – note. Ed.), 61-year-old German retired lady, settled in Kavarna 5 years ago. She says the reporter from “Tageszeitung” newspaper that she feels great in her new furnished apartment for only 100 EUR per month. In many ways even better than she felt before in Germany.

“Once a month the place should be cleaned from top to the bottom. I can’t do that on my own, but I have a cleаner. In Germany I could be the cleaner, trying to get some cash for living. While I was living in Hamburg, I was looking at the cafes and restaurants only from outside, and now every morning I am having espresso, sitting at the little cafe at the end of the street. Here I eat lots of fruits, because in Bulgaria kilo of cherries worth 1.50 EUR, while in Hamburg – 6.90 EUR. I can afford to eat in the restaurants at the seaside. I already had trips to Romania, Russia and Moldova. Soon I will even visit Mongolia. I feed my dog with chicken, because I can afford it.

In Hamburg, it was different. With my pension of 771 EUR, the rent for my apartment was 490 EUR. After paying the bills, just 120 EUR were remaining. I had to take food from the charity institutions.

So, one day I decided to check where I can live cheaper and what a miracle, I found Bulgaria. Affordable destination for old aged.”

There are numerous web portals offering information about Bulgaria specially filtered for those European retired persons seeking cheaper homelands for their old years. One of these portals explains:

“With the amount of 1,000 EUR monthly pension you will live like a king in Bulgaria. In a normal lifestyle monthly costs are about 600 EUR, as long as you live in your own home. And if you want to buy a restored house or apartment by the sea – the prices are staring from 20,000 EUR. ”

Another German lady – 63-year-old Annette Pants also has moved to live in Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast, in order to escape from the poverty which was expecting her in Germany. After her divorce she has been left with 550 EUR monthly pension and 20,000 EUR compensation from her former husband. Here’s how she decided to buy a small apartment in Varna and move to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is becoming a favourite destination amongst the German retirees. They realize that living in Germany with their pensions only will be very difficult. That is why they prefer to come to Bulgaria and start their new life here- free of stress, cheap food, low bills and beautiful nature.

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