Bulgaria remains an attractive destination for foreign investors in 2017

Bulgaria will continue to be an attractive destination for foreign investors in the current 2017. Investor interest in Bulgaria and to neighboring Romania will increase along with interest in already established markets in Central and Eastern Europe- Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Hungary.

Moreover, there is an expansion of foreign investors in Bulgaria from countries like South Africa, Lebanon, UAE and others. Major European funds acquire assets in Bulgaria, generating higher returns too.

Analysts predict that Bulgarian real estate market in 2017 will be very dynamic and growing with big steps.

They also think that, the office buildings will undoubtedly be the most wanted in the capital Sofia.

Given the planned intensive development of the Bulgarian capital for the next two or three years, it is expected Sofia to continue actively attracting foreign investors.

Construction and commissioning of large businesses and multi-functional complexes with around 380,000 m2 of office space, retail outlets and partly residential estates is planned to be done in Sofia, in the next few years.

Some of the developments are: the new skyscraper “Sky Ford” and the “Grand Canyon” development.

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