Bulgarian city is the most beautiful place in the world for 2016

Believe it or not- a Bulgarian city was selected for the most beautiful place in the world for 2016.

The ranking was made by the Italian newspaper Republica. Veliko Tarnovo, this is an architectural gem, causing delight in each visitor- so determined Italians the old Bulgarian capital. According to the Italian specialists, Veliko Tarnovo city is defying spontaneous delight.

The first place has been given because of the fact that this type of towns built in difficult and even impossible countries, are being built slowly and demonstrate ingenuity and aspiration of mankind to conquer nature.

“Overall, this news was very surprising to us. This ranking is not only based on Veliko Tarnovo appearance, but also includes infrastructure, historical sites and interesting places nearby. Do not forget nature and landscape, and for us they are unique.” – explains Ivelina Tsarova from Culture and Tourism National Directorate.

Residents and visitors are impressed by the first place and are adamant that Veliko Tarnovo deserves this recognition.

The city has long been a top tourist destination. How prestigious is the leadership of Veliko Tarnovo in the ranking of most beautiful place, we can understand if we see the other mentioned places and towns in this competition- the emblematic complex of monasteries in Greece, called Meteora, the Spanish city of Ronda, Italian Riomaggiore, Piodao in Portugal, Santorini in Greece and several other uniquely beautiful and famous cities in the world.

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