Moscow Launches Tender for Kamchiya Compound in Bulgaria

The Kamchiya compound, located at the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline and owned by the authorities in Moscow, has been put out to a tender, TASS news agency has said.

Located in the region of Varna, “Sanatorium and Health Compound” of Kamchiya (SOK Kamchiya) is a compound that operates as a school, summer school camp, a “culture house” for children, a sports facility, a sanatorium and a wellness center.

Its initial tender price is set at RUB 6 B (worth EUR 65.8 M as of February 11, 2016). Offers are to be submitted by April 12, 2016, and the tender will take place on April 19.

According to documentation cited by TASS, Kamchiya is an all-year-round “resort town” that can receive up to 2000 guests at a time.

Kamchiya started all-year-round training and recreation for Russian children and adolescents in 2010. Once a resort under the Communist regime (growing out of a small village), millions in investment were poured into the resort during the 2000s by the Moscow administration through an investment project launched by then Mayor Yury Luzhkov. –