Viber / WhatsApp viewings

We from VIP Bulgarian Properties present you our latest and innovative service called “Viber / WhatsApp viewings“. The company works with the latest technologies and applications for mobile phones, thus strive to continuously improve our services and we believe that this is the right approach to the business of real estates. All our properties which are available in our database can be seen through “Viber or WhatsApp viewings“.

Our team has the needed equipment in order to arrange viewings via video link on Viber or WhatsApp. This will save you time and money traveling to the properties and will help you choose the right property from distance.

Viber or WhatsApp viewing takes about 30 minutes. During this time, our agent will show you around the property, and all the places you want to look at closely. You can set unlimited number of questions and interact with brokers like you’re in the property itself. To make a Viber or WhatsApp viewing, you need to have a computer with internet connection, a microphone and installed Viber or WhatsApp.

And here we should note that if you are abroad and not able to visit Bulgaria in order to finish the deal about purchasing the property, we can help. Just let us know.

With using our “Viber / WhatsApp” you can select the desired property, and with the help of our lawyers will be prepared all the necessary documents to be represented in the transaction.

If you are interested in doing a “Viber / WhatsApp”, please contact us.


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