The coastal town of Byala welcomes tourists from four continents

Everybody knows where is Sunny Beach and Golden Sands but how many of you have been in the small coastal town of Byala?

It seems that according the local tourist agencies, every summer, people from four continents visit this place.

For the last year 2016, tourists from Japan, Canada, USA, Brazil, Russia, Germany, England, Belgium, Romania and Denmark have visited this small seaside destination. In total around 50 000 have had a holiday here.

Everybody is wondering why is that so. Well, lately all the big sea resorts are overcrowded, with too many complexes built. Many people do not like visiting such places and are looking for alternatives.

Most of the tourist coming here want to have a peaceful family vacation and at the same time want to have all the town and beach amenities in place. Byala is offering them all.

The mayor of the town says that all the locals expect even a stronger summer season this year in comparison with 2016. There are over 2500 properties sold to buyers from the former Soviet Union countries like Russia, Ukraine and Estonia. Many of them live here permanently and are very happy because they have got apartments and houses with sea views at very acceptable prices which can not be compared with the prices of holiday properties in Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and Nessebar for example.

The local municipality already have made projects of making new yacht and fish ports and also already approved by the government infrastructure improvements.

So, it appears that Byala is developing and more happy foreign visitors will have their wonderful family vacation here in 2017.

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