The neighborhood of the rich people will be made in Burgas

The neighborhood of the rich people will be made in Burgas

Brand new neighborhood will be built in the coastal city of Burgas. The area is known as “Kiosheto”- located just next to Sarafovo district and it is very attractive because it is directly at the front sea line.

Practically all the plots of land here are with sea views. The real problem is the infrastructure which will be done by the investors and the municipality who already have made an agreement to do that. The total amount of money spent will be around 500 million EUR.

This is going to be a brand new neighborhood for rich people only. Most of the complexes with holiday apartments and the residential buildings which are going to be constructed, will start from 1500 EUR/M2.

According the developers this money paid per m2 will be ok, as all the developments will be extremely luxurious, built with the best materials. The architects and the rest of the people involved will be the highest professionals and experts in Bulgaria. The new infrastructure also will be on a very high level as well.

This area is also known as “The Golden land” because some of the richest persons in Bulgaria have paid incredibly high amounts of money to buy land plots where they will build their new summer residences when the infrastructure is ready.

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