VIP Bulgarian Properties gladly wants to present you the first ever service that is offered only by us –“ Property Detective ” .

You are interested in a property, offered by an agency or by various real estate portals but you think the price is high or somehow intermediaries want to deceive you!

We will help you and will understand the real owner’s price. You can use our service to see how sincere your intermediaries, brokers or firms are.

What does ” Property Detective ” mean:

1. Finding the property you like.
2. Information about the actual price of the property which the owner is selling at.
3. Giving you the complete information about the property.
4. Providing you with the property owner contacts.
And all this you will get at a standard and fixed fee, which is determined by the type and location of the property. Without any hidden commissions when buying or without any artificial increase of the price of the property . We will try to find out all the information needed about the property you like in a short period of time.

What is required from you?

– Providing us with information and photos about the specific property or giving us a link to the agency who is selling it.

The service is limited and is available only in certain areas of the country!

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