Why you should visit Bulgaria, according Huffington Post (USA)

1. Air transport is more accessible and less expensive than you think – Although the average American can not indicate exactly where Sofia is located on the map, flights to the capital of Bulgaria are incredibly affordable. If you decide to explore the country beyond the capital, as well as beaches and mountains, they are all very close – a short flight distance or a quick trip by bus or car.

2. The sea coast is prime- Speaking of beaches, Sunny Beach is the destination for a summer getaway to which you will want to return again and again. Dance all night at a bar directly on the sand, then stretch of sun beds to meet the first rays of the sun while the drink is still in your hands.

3. The best “meatballs” in your life- some call them “burgers”, others likened them to “balls of meat.” We believe that “meatballs” are the coolest piece of meat that you can try.

4. One word: cakes- Can you think how pleasant, when the dough of funnel cake (cake dough, typical USA) stay warm and slightly softened in the center? “Cakes” is a fried bread that has exactly the same taste … but the whole is a warm, soft core! Delicious!

5. Nature is both diverse and amazing- Try to climb the mountains, filled with endless waterfalls, or descend into the cave known as “The eyes of God” Striated by lush mountains, Bulgaria is the ideal place for adventures that are off the beaten path.

6. Most of the beautiful sights of Bulgaria are for free or very cheap- Weather if you take bold rock tours or explore artistic neighborhoods, filled with cafes, or visit the interior of a medieval church, you will see many of the country’s culture almost for free or very cheap.

7. It is a drink time- In Bulgaria you will see the locals, always happy to have a drink or two with friends, no matter what is the time.

8. Bulgarians are amongst the friendliest people you will ever meet- they are very friendly and will do their best for you to see their culture, which they are so much proud of. You have to expect grandmothers, vendors, students and waiters greeting you with a smile and giving you a lot of food.

9. You will overcome your fear of heights- Try hanging over the edge of “Kopitoto”, climb the seven hills of Plovdiv city or take the chair lift to the Seven Rila Lakes. These tourist destinations are sufficient enough to cure anyone of his heights phobia, or at least will give you a reason to deal with your fear.

10. Bulgarians take holidays seriously- if there is a holiday approaching, Bulgarians do not hesitate to take an extra day off. Visit the country during the Liberation Day – March 3, or St. George’s Day – May 6, and you can join the throngs of celebrating in the streets.

11. Almost no one of your friends will know where you are- You should visit Bulgaria because of all the amazed stares and questions like “You went where?”, you will get at home. So you can lighten your friends that in the world there is a very important place that everyone should visit- Bulgaria

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